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Labour Accommodation in Dubai

Labor Villages for labour accommodation in Dubai is a key supportive service offered by DI. A series of labor cities offer business owners affordable, high quality labour accommodation in Dubai managed and operated at very high standards. The accommodation is built to house both skilled and un-skilled workers.DI’s labor villages in Dubai offer a variety of room sizes. The accommodation is designed to provide a modern, comfortable, safe and well equipped environment that would enhance the lives of your work force. The labor villages are spread throughout Dubai Industrial Park affording workers a chance to live close to where they work and consequently reduce travel time and associated costs.

Key features are as follows:

  • Flexible room sizes and configurations that can accommodate 1 – 8 persons per room 
  • Retail areas with supermarkets, shopping facilities, barber shops, internet café , laundry, restaurants and banking facilities
  • Public transportation and taxi services
  • Private health centers
  • Ambulance Center
  • Mosques
  • Recreation areas and sports facilities