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Regulatory Environment

DI is not a free-zone therefore Federal Company Law No. 8 of 1984 is applicable. This law stipulates that all companies have at least one national partner accounting for at least 51% capital. The partners can mutually agree to profit share in a proportion that is different from their respective capital share. In addition, the management of the company can be undertaken by the foreign partner. From 2005, GCC nationals can own 100 percent of a company’s capital.

Other relevant laws may include but not limited to the following:

  • Federal Law No. 1 (1979) that governs industrial affairs.
  • Federal Law No. 44 (1992) for the regulation and protection of industrial ownership of inventions and designs.
  • The Commercial Code (Federal Law No. 18 of 1993) that establishes the regulatory framework for the various types of commercial agencies permitted.
  • Federal law no. 24 of 2006 concerns consumer protection.
  • Since 1971, Intellectual Property Rights are protected in accordance with the general principles of law.
  • Federal Law No. 14 (1992) regarding the establishment of the Department of Standards and Specification.
  • Federal Environmental Agency (FEA), 1993
  • Federal Law No. 8 (1980) that governs the rights, responsibilities and duties of employers and employees.
  • Local governments and the Federal Environment Agency laws and regulations related to industry.
  • Federal laws can be viewed at the Ministry of Justice website.

All real estate projects located at DI get assistance with compliance to the requirements specified by various entities, including but not limited to the following: